The spider cytogenetic database

Current version: 10.0 (Jul 30, 2021)

Douglas Araujo, Marielle Cristina Schneider, Emygdio Paula-Neto and Doralice Maria Cella


In this site, there is a compilation of all cytogenetic data published on spiders (835 spider species of the 49.583 taxonomically known), considering only papers published in scientific journals and not abstracts presented on scientific meetings, thesis or other materials of restrict access. This compilation includes the species names, according to the World Spider Catalog, version 22.5 (WSC, 2021), accessed on Jul 27, 2021.

The site will be revised every 6 months (in January and July) to add new chromosomal data available on literature and changes in spider taxonomy.

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Araujo, D.; Schneider, M.C.; Paula-Neto, E.; Cella, D.M. 2021. The spider cytogenetic database. Available in

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